01. My sister is undergoing [therapy] to help her overcome her fear of the dark.
02. Shawn has a stutter, but is meeting regularly with a speech [therapist] to work on it.
03. The young woman was in [therapy] for years after being sexually abused by her uncle.
04. The superstar football player had to have [therapy] for his knee injury for about a month before he was able to return to the game.
05. Meditation can be very [therapeutic] in helping to reduce stress.
06. Research has shown that family pets can be very [therapeutic] in helping people to overcome depression.
07. Connie and her parents are meeting regularly with a family [therapist] who is helping them learn to communicate better.
08. Aroma [therapy] is a technique which uses different scents to stimulate people in different ways.
09. The Pacific Animal [Therapy] Society is an organization in which people visit hospitals and seniors' homes in the area with their pets, bringing happiness to the people there.
10. Jenna is having hormone [therapy] in order to help reduce the effects of menopause.
11. When I got tennis elbow, the [therapist] used ultrasound to help reduce the inflammation.
12. That doctor uses large doses of vitamins as [therapy] for a number of different illnesses.
13. In Florida, dolphin [therapy] involves having emotionally-abused patients swim with live dolphins in order to help these people overcome depression and other illnesses.
14. Jerome's group [therapy] sessions really helped him learn to speak about his problems.
15. Mark sought [therapy] to help him understand why he felt so much anger towards his father.
16. Massage [therapy] can be very useful in treating neck and back pain.
17. My massage [therapist] really helped me with my migraine headaches.
18. Alternative [therapies], such as shiatsu and acupressure are becoming increasingly popular with a public which wants something different from conventional medicine.
19. When Gerald found out he had cancer, he tried a few strange [therapies] which promised miracle cures, before realizing they were just trying to make money off of people's fears.
20. Essential oils seem to be valuable [therapeutically] in the treatment of certain illnesses.
21. French actor Gérard Dépardieu was so wild as a youth that he was encouraged to enter dramatics as [therapy].
22. Twenty thousand plants are listed by the World Health Organization as being used for [therapeutic] purposes.
23. Karen Horney once observed that fortunately, analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective [therapist].
24. Hubert Humphrey once noted that the greatest healing [therapy] is friendship and love.
25. The [therapeutic] value of the drug has not yet been confirmed in laboratory tests.
26. Shamans in Peru use herbs and [therapy] to cure people not just from physical sickness, but from fear, jealousy, tension and anger.
27. [Therapeutic] abortions were legalized in the state of Colorado in April of 1967.

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